Sunday, 14 June 2009

NJM’s blek.

#1: In the working world people are not just one or two years senior than you like the system that we are so used to it back in secondary, jay see or even in uni. People around you are 10, 20 years older than you in age and effectively with their experience, social age and everything, it makes you feel like a baby – or if that’s a bit exaggerating – a first-day kindergarten kid who doesn’t know a thing : clean, pure white sheet with nothing to expect, nothing to give except to absorb like a sponge.

#2: I don’t understand why people must be so secretive and sensitive about the compensation issue, especially when you are not earning some millions of dollar now. I mean like, so what if others know about your (my) pay? I have friends, colleagues and even my room agent who appeared to be super sensitive when they touched on this issue. If you asked me, I will tell you. Not like you can do anything to my playslip right? (Or you actually can?) It’s just like I dun like to go around asking people what grades they got for exams, but if you were to ask me, I will tell you mine.

#3: I am not exactly a quiet person but I will try not to say unnecessary stuff whenever it’s possible (excluding times when crap jokes are needed during gathering or blow water session la). If I can use one word to reply a question or a statement in a conversation, you wont get to hear anything longer than that. Most of the time, could be just an “orh”. But sometimes, we need to speak out more. For different reasons. To get more participation points, to socialize, to appear to be smart, to make people feel important, to bootlick, to do damn a lot of fake stuff on fake reasons which imho not necessary in life. i.e I dislike/hate ppl who ask stupid question (in class for e.g.) to get attention. But damn. It’s LIFE that we are talking about here. hope i wont become someone like that.

C'est la vie, non?

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