Saturday, 20 June 2009

Klog S4.2 - Happy, Contented Day

Work has been challenging. abit stressful already. Morning was spent on Basel ii summary and some ICAAP stuff. Woo. i'm a semi-baselii-pro now. and a pro soon-to-be! Must finish by next week. and it's statistically proven that coffee does have laxative effect on me in the morning. haha. after the 134 trials.

And finally get to eat my long-time-no-see phillip street roast meat! The charsiew is just so damn fishing yummy and tender and juicy! and the never-ending queue even though it was drizzling this afternoon. and the friendly fruit stall uncle aunty. Then followed by Mr. Bean ice cream. Wow. Heavenly office lunch. and went back office at 1.30 i.e. 30 minutes nap time. Aha.

This evening had a quite intimidating meeting where i was the one taking down the minutes. and attendees were all at least VP level ppl. I had to set up the room, the teleconference call then minutes while trying to recognise who is who and who said what based on their profile pictures which i suspect taken quite some time ago. Haha.

Meeting ended at 5pm and didnt want to have any leftover work next mon, i chiong-ed finished typing the minutes with all the appropriate salutations and titles of all the attendees and those who absent with apologies. then slowly arrange them according to department, and then rank. woosh. left the office at 1851. was the few last to leave le. Friday maaa.

Back track abit. Had lunch yesterday with my another team (yeah i am under 2 teams so this is my second team lunch). and boss realised that i am from his jc. haha. then he talked alot and really alot about his times in jc. how his teacher stroke pink form like mine. how he ponned assembly like what we usually do. and how he thinks that the education system is flawed and not good. Haha. and talked about some teachers who are still in the jc in my years. cool uh. my boss is 13 years senior than me btw.

Colleagues talked about some chinese language test thing and then to how many zeros does 一亿 have? 1...2..3. times up. Answer is 8. hundred million. Yup. and i dont want my chinese to deteriorate like that 20 years down the road leh. Wahaha. Next entry will be in chineseeeeeeeee.

Rushed for harmoc prac and yeah i still do enjoy prac very much. practising songs. play together. and guess what. this coming mon we are going to mediacorp studio together to watch Mr. Tang (our band instructor) perform Qing Hua Ci and Ju Hua Tai!. Cool sia. whaha. and u might catch me on Tee Vee. XD and the guys actually stayed back after prac today to make the fan card for him.. haha check out the photo below. and settled some stuff finally. Haha.

Mr. Tang You are the Best! Haha. any kind soul to help record the whole show on monday?

and i love the sms which came just in time :D


*van said...

scandalous eh. what sms? got me very intrigued. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

eii. u very kaypoh leh van... wahahhaaa


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