Friday, 5 June 2009

Klog Season 4! Week 0 - The Transitional Phase

Muahaha. here comes Klog series again! Please refer to my past entries for more information about Klog. Am still in the transitional phase getting use to my neighborhood and stuff..

Week 0 - back in Singapore since tuesday and it has been a rather busy bee busy week. I've moved in officially to my new 'home away from home'. paid my rental + one month deposit + 1/2 month agent fee. and getting ready for my second life (or some say 'no life'?! haha) .. This entry could be abit sien, just recording what have i done for the past few days. So scroll down for pic if you need to.

Tuesday 2 June
Here I am, lying down comfortably on my new bed typing this entry which will be posted once I get connected to the internet. Time check 11:36pm. Shall go to sleep early as I needa collect some documents from the office tomorrow morning for PR application.

10:48pm. Finally reached my unit but cant seem to find my key! 0.o Don’t tell me I lost it? Darren came open the door and said hello. Aunty hasn’t back from work. The 10 year-old who cant differentiate -an and -ang kacau-ed me for a while before their maid asked him to go bed. Time to have a cold shower. Ah and I found my key.

10:40pm. Erm. 104…105 where is blk 109? Wa getting lost on my first night at tiong bahru isn’t fun. Am damn tired and the laptop is breaking my wrist. Should be over … there.

10:30pm. Ok Exit A to Jalan Membina. Let’s see how much time I need to walk back to my room. Agent said would take around 12 minutes. So it’s the distance from Hall 14 to NBS FAL. Hope I can find my way there ah. Haha.

Ok. Pictures.

My queen sized bed with clean mattress, bolster and pillow. And smell good too. avec the smell of the sun :D

These two are far enough for almost all my stuff.

Another corner of my room. The wheeled hanger, small closet for food, books and others, little table on the side are all included in the fully furnished list.

Today is a happy day. Happy commencement of Klog S4 W0. And happy because I am … happy (:

Wednesday 3 June
Morning went to collect my PR form with company stamp and shunbian recce to test out what time do I need to wake up to catch the latest-but-enough-for-me-to-reach-in-time bus to work. Hehe. Woke up rather early, maybe because I’m still in the phase of getting used to the bed.

8:03am *Dee.Dee* on 196 now. 9 more stops to alight. Ah saw the 7:52 bus went off while I was crossing the overhead bridge. New bus. No TVMobile. A lot of salarymen/women on board.

8:18am Wow 15 minutes. Just passed by the stop that I’m supposed to alight at on Monday. But today I am going to the HR building so 2 more stops.

8:32am Security uncle bluffed me. HR should be at level 22 instead la. Anyway think he didn’t mean it de. Very nice HR colleague helped me photocopied those documents needed.

Nice checking out those makan places when I was in PA time. Left Shenton Way at 9:03am. Bus 196. Yeah got bus stop opposite my office to back home :D

Back in my room and aunty is so nice to reserve place for my toiletries, offer to (let her maid to) wash my clothes and cook my lunch (till end of this week as I start work on mon)! Wahsey. T..T I can use the living room com for internet but I couldn’t find its USB port! No pictures will be uploaded then. Sien. But still. am feeling lucky!

From the bus stop at which i wait for my direct bus to work. can see my unit also.

Lunch! Wah super paiseh having a maid to cook/wash clothes you. very very not used to it.

Thursday 4 June
Went to Queensway shopping centre with Vivace comm/harmoc ppl to negotiate price for printing materials with UltraSupply. Trip objective failed to achive as the service was BAD. they just dont want to layan you unlike the previous manager whose service is super nice. Damn you.

Had Mr. Bean ice cream again! The coolest ice cream in town. Anyway walked super alot today and was damn tired. Feeling old already. Band prac was nice with pro drummer! Whoosh. Vivace!

Friday 5 June
Another busy busy day. Went to ICA very early in the morning to apply for PR, get my temp working permit. Then something happened which made me understand the meaning of sacrifice. Haha.

Apply for PR. of course you would need ID photo right. So quite desperate on Thurs afternoon then took one using the ID photo machine at Ant Tea You $6 for 4 photos. *Kacha* Then once u get on to ICA building Level 3. There is a phototaking + photocopy station. 4 photos for $5.35. Damn. Shouldnt be so ganchiong last night huh. I mumbled on the escalator. Hmm. Level 4. 4 Photos for $5! Wahsey. So if you are lazy or simply satisfied with the $5.35 on level 3, you will end up paying more for the same thing for the one floor difference. Ok. i know i sound very uncle here. Still.

The application process was quite smooth. gotten my permit stamped on my passport then quarantined for 3 months in Singapore! Wahaha. Dont worry not coz of the H1N1 but due to the fact that my temp permit is the disembarkation white card - if i go back then the custom officer will keep it then i will need to go down to Lavender to reapply again! - so 3 months in Singapore. no homecoming. T..T

Then went to Ann El Bee after my ICA trip. This is only my second time there haha as you can see i am too lazy to read books. Proud to declare that i had never borrowed a single book from Ant Tea You libraries for my three years undergraduate life! Muahaha.

But eventually found out that hey actually the inner part of me likes books! Flipped through/read language related books e.g. 13 methods to speak fluent japanese, Le Petit Prince (in French), Photography books and also stuff related to my work... On! gonna apply the membership card once i got my Pee Are. Did some shopping for working attire and now i'm at Old Can A using Ant Tea You Wireless LAN again.

My cup with the rest

Buses going to my place!

That's about it liao. Gonna enjoy my weekend meeting friends and preparing for work. And also sleep more eat more. Very few final moments to nua liao.

Till then.

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Anonymous said...

can try going to peace centre, similar to queensway.


Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

similar price and quality? haha thx! will get the details from u on msn :)


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