Thursday, 11 June 2009

Klog S4.1 - More work trivia

- I take bus to work but MRT to go home. Morning there is direct bus just opposite my block and takes only 15 minutes to reach the office. But when I go back, i take the train so that I can tapau/have my dinner on my way walking back home and also give myself some walk and sweat time.
- I have colleagues live near to my place!
- I get distracted from work very easily (though I haven’t really started on the actual actual work).. drifted away … to dunno where…
- Working environment has a steep learning curve – and it’s boundary-less. Good thing is everything is exciting when you don’t know anything. Bad thing is I am lazy. Much lazier than the time when I claim that becoming lazy is irreversible.
- Making friend is much harder now as you don’t have the time to dig heart dig lung 掏心掏肺.. unless there is gonna be some drinking session uhuh
- Newbies are supposed to have great enthusiasm huh. But sometimes I wish I can just don’t give a damn. Wahaha. (: build good relationship. Build network. Eh.

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