Saturday, 20 June 2009

Klog S4.2 Photos. and some other overdues

The super ultra popular roast meat shop at Phillip Street which serves white rice, chicken rice and yam rice! Those working around Tanjong Pagar - Raffles Place, you MUST TRY!

My desk - you see my staff pass, my muVo, my bottle, my stationery, my calendar, my first dose of caffeine in Klog S4, my cactus plant and the ultimate bible for banking risk sector - Basel ii.

The Sikh Temple that i pass by every morning at Silat Road

The Yami yaourt ice cream - this one is honeydew flavoured. chillax stuff for working lunch. haha.

-- T H I S I S A L I N E ---

Overdue 1: 22 March 2009 - Harmoc people who went for Ann You Es Harmoc concert - Soiree 09

Overdue 2: 28 March 2009 - Ant Tea You carpark near SAO. taken during Earth Hour 09.

Overdue 3: 12 June 2009 - Went for steaming boating with Vivace X Comm. Our very first comm outing! But the electricity there tripped 3 times before we started our first round. Bleh. Had birthday celebration next to bugis fountain. sat down in a circle with the cake and sang the birthday song. and everyone was watching. haha

Overdue 4: 13 June 2009 - before Ei See Ess steaming boating @ Kallang. Photo taken at PC fair 2009. "Now i shall announce our price for today: ONLY $ XXX! and only 5 sets available for today! 5 SETS ONLY! Yes, you you and you! Sorry for the rest who didnt get the number card. But i have GOOOD news for you! Our next item is...."

- oops. did i say this entry would be in Chinese ah?

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