Sunday, 14 June 2009

Fun i've missed in June

Woohoo. it's quite cool to see whole bunch of ppl marching along the roadside wearing something only in the form of softcopy in your computer. :P ahahha. i think the shirt look nice. CCC 2009. would have joined in the fun as old boy if i didnt start working so early.

Thanks to fb. i can see how ppl had fun during the camp. and i do see returning face(s)! Saw my group's member naomi in one of the photos. Wah. that means the CCC07 was damn good and that's why we have returning camper(s)! :D

and blogsearch-ed a lil and as what we had last year, those kinnas (XD) had fun for sure. Definitely more interaction and understanding among students across the causewau. Some were determined to improve their chinese/knowledge of chinese culture. objectives achieved.

ok another photo with ppl wearing the tee. XD

images from fb

1 comment:

jiayi said...

ah.. ur tee is with me..


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