Sunday, 28 June 2009

Klog S4.3 - Photos

Irresponsible mediacorp - spoilt and wasted my Monday night.

Where i go for dinner usually - an Ant Tea You canteen-lookalike near Jalan Membina. Price also similar :D

Had Men-ten Ramen when meeting Ei See Ess ppl for dinner after work on Wed. $13nett for the ramen plus free-flow green tea / ice water.

Brought my Vietnamese coffee to the office on Thurs. and to fish or not in the afternoon now depends on this small cup of caffeine liao..

Sat. My family came over! after fetching me from Ann Jay, lunched at Ant Tea You, came and see my room then dinner @ Tiong bahru market. This prawn mee was the Buzzing Cashier 抢摊大行动 last episode de. i think really not bad. nice pork ribs. big prawns. thick soup base.

that wraps up the whole week 3 of Klog.

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