Monday, 15 June 2009

Klog S4.2 – its become a diary thing.

Due to some reasons, couldn’t sleep last night. Till around 3 plus I think. Luckily managed to wake up at 6.55am. reached office before 8am. Saw a stack of notes on my desk with post-it: wj, make a copy and finish reading by end of next week. Orh.

Have been saying so much about my never-ending reading list. Interested to know the full list? All have to be read concurrently coz everything damn thing is linked! Haha okla. I actually quite enjoy exploring the banking stuff. Compare it with insurance. Then go back and read again. Just that sometimes it could be rather sleep inducing.

Basel ii 205/333
Credit Portfolio management – textbook 61/325
Economic capital – a practioner guide 0/328
MAS Note 637 – 0/550
Economic capital – Pillar 2 and ICAAP under Basel ii

plus the new stack from today. Around 2000 pages of stuff. Way too much than what I have read in the past three years man. -.- (and I only finished around 266.) Gaaaaah.

Also, now I have 2 direct supervisors – so morning report to Boss K, afternoon to Boss M. I've two reporting line i.e. in two teams ie need to juggle between A and B. Multitask and singlepay! piangz. Was tasked to do this access SQL thing, PC no MS office, had to use a super slow laptop. Almost vomit blood.

Just before the blood actually splashes out, it was time for team lunch! Ate at this Silk Road restaurant with crystal jade alike menu. Boss M and teammates talked A LOT on Chinese history and I was like.. yeah I know Sanguo from the games. Haha. Then they continue to talk about places in China…

Ah. Took my very first toilet nap (i.e. close the lid, sat on it and doze off) today. Really couldn’t bear the sleepiness though aircon was at full blast.
Landlord’s kid successfully differentiate –an and –ang. And taught him cactus and dolphin in Chinese. Haha. And he likes the 我问天 song. Lao uncle.

Damn. Should go to bed read now.


长颈 said...


Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

haha he even knows how to sing..
work is full of drama lo. super funny when i am a newbie observing the rest.. abit tiring sometimes though

yy said...

toilet nap!? how effective can it be?? :/

Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

very! haha at least my boss wont see me fishing in front of my com! Wahaha


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