Tuesday, 14 March 2006

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Materiaising My Thoughts
U know…(I like to start like this and my frens always respond “I don’t know”) sometimes, u’ll have lotsa things on your mind. But somehow u are not as pro as other ppl who can ‘materialize’ their thoughts efficiently. (kongadefinition: materialize- put thoughts into words/sketches or even blog entries) It’s like…u have to recall those thoughts/memories once in a while for fear that u’ll forget them some day.
Esp those good/nice/not bad/sweet memories. Too bad no pictures or videos or whatever was taken. Nothing can help u to recall those things. U might just forget these stuff when u start getting busy coz of schoolwork n stuff. Memories are rotting. Preservation of these stuff in your mind is more than just adding sulphur dioxide.

Anyway. It’s bad for health if u keep soaking yourself in this kinda dreaming status. Walao. Be more realistic k?


Late Assignment part i
When i was looking for "Briefing on Pastoral Matters for Graduating Pre-U2 scholars" which includes how to apply work permit in singapore, then i saw something that i thot i would never ever gonna touch again.

'National Junior College Department of Economics
Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Economics"

*rewinding the tape coded LWJ1987*
i was in s09 classroom ta23. looking at the transparency on the screen. sth general about economics. we were asked to write something which i'm not too sure till now.i can only remember the comment she gave on my returned-assignment :
"You cant do well in econs just depending on MCQs." (mind you.we din even had any MCQ tutorial yet.) and sumthing which sounded like buck up ur essay skill if not then change sub la.it was the first 3mnth then.

sth heavy approx thousand tonne dropped from 1000-storey skyscraper

then i was in dillema.a very deep one summore.why in the hell i come here and study?as in.i couldnt really understand the lecturer n tutors except those printed words on lecture notes.i couldnt really communicate with those ppl ard me.and most importantly, why the hell they chose me to come here instead of other ppl with bttr qualifications n .. english..of course.
then i thot of changing my combi to double-double.thot of jus go back to msia n do sth more 'practical'.things got worse when i got the korea offer.it's like standing at a T...no.. a W-junction.

somehow i decided to cont with wad i was doing that time.things got better.actually alot better when we got Ms.Ng as our econs tutor.that was like 1-2mnth before promo le.then kim eng (MUST mention this everytime!) then more n more things happened (thankfully +> - ) and tatatata now i'm applying to uni liao.

Econs.sth that i love n hate very much.sth that i would put on the bottom of my 'priority' list when i was in J2.sth that i had so much fun thru the learning process n crappy+sumtimes not-so-crappy disscusion with frens. something that i think .. maybe .. i might touch again after all.

weijian_one of the ungrateful brats

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