Sunday, 19 March 2006

Enn. Orh. Arh. Cool man~ So lame~

LoL. Finally watched I Not Stupid 2 today. And it was FABULOUS!! Haha I muz admit jack neo is a damn good director and scriptwriter but CMI for his comedian pie. Anyway back to the movie. Hmm if u want me to rate the movie out of 5 stars. I’ll give 4.5stars without any hesitation. Haha. Serious. It’s damn nice.

The whole movie was damn smooth. As in. no ‘interval’. (Kongadefinition : interval – boring scenes that usually can be found in a movie ) You will just laugh/cry/feel touched/shocked/annoyed throughout the whole movie. Ya. promise. Haha this is an exceptionally good movie to watch. Especially after 2 super-ultra-mega-ultima lousy movies that I watched since the beginning of the year.

Haha first time I saw so many ppl in the cinema shedding their tears (I also got some tear drops la. Hehheh ) Some part really quite touching. Lol. E.g. Jerry saved $500 to buy his father’s one hour. Chengcai watching his father fall down from staircase. ‘abortion’. Some scenes are damn farnie too. E.g. the handphone spotcheck part. LoL. The eyebrow-drawing part. LoL. ‘Lame’ chop. LoL. @Police station part. …and those hokkien conversations somehow sounded quite hilarious. =P no offend. Hey I’m a hokkien too. Plus nice n natural acting. As usual. Oh the theme song by hongjunyang was not bad too.

But one thing that I wasn’t very ok with was the computer effect. The first one about nagging was still ok. (@#$& coming out from mother’s and grandma’s mouth then kena poured out to the rubbishbin. ) but then later the wushu world champion part was abit redundant. And some lines were repeated for too many times : “what language u want me to speak then u’ll understd? “ LoL.i counted 4times. This is where I deducted the 0.5 star =P

Overall. This is still a beri nice movie. It’s worth it to go to the cinema to watch haha. I’ll consider buying the DVD to keep haha. Good job jack neo but please stop ur comedian pie nonsense. ;)

Some meaningful quotes :-

- after cutting away the rotting part, a bad apple can still be eaten as a good apple.

- there’s always a key to open the door that is shunned before you.

Weijian- A I Not Stupid series fan =)

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Wei Kang @ Victor said...

Fuiyo!!! Sounds good lar the movie..i oso wanna watch!!! :P


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