Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Blogging part ii

Eh. As u can see I enjoy blogging a lot. And as my friend u should have noticed that I’m kinda like a quiet person in ‘real-life’. Haha. Hmm. Actually blogging and talking are quite similar. U see. I am speaking out what I feel and how I think. It’s just that blogging is in a world of silence but then talking is more 3D. haha.

Things that I post on this blog are stuff that I have given thots or can be random ideas that flow thru my mind. Um. In other words, I feel kinda like “naked” in this blog. What u read n see in this blog are straight from my mind , fresh n juicy haha. I dun spend time playing with the words ( as my language is not that skilled ) and I just type whateva that comes to my mind. Talking is abit different from blogging. Um. Or shld I say “chatting” instead. Nehmind. When chatting with frens, i cant actually say whateva I wanna/should say n then it’s like my brain cant turn THAT fast to respond to all of the things that my frens say. So usually I’ll just listen. Then absorb. Then think about everything only after the fren has left. Haha. Super laggy. Which is kinda bad I think;. So sorry to those who needed advice or sth from me. =P

Hmm wonder since when I have become a quiet person. Or I was always like this long time ago? Eh. Dunno. U tell me lor. Erm. ‘Pioneering’ a totally new environment without all of ur old friends, the rest of the ppl aldy with their own cliques, somehow this is the way the quiet weijian found me. Think I’m abit noisy on this blog hor? Haha. I’m trying to change myself (or rather, find the old weijian back) . but in a very slow progress tho. Go away stupidquietstupididiot-weijian!

Transnational bus – on the way back to Larkin – 1915hrs – 11March06

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