Thursday, 16 March 2006

Piano /pi’æn.əu/

Personally, I dun have much musical knowledge. Instruments that I can play without off-tune are recorder (nor.that one we learnt in primary school one.) and harmonica (sumthin tht I picked up 2years ago.left in a box for almost ½ a year). That’s all.

Talking about piano. Last time in primary school, I always wonder, how come my frens who were learning piano have to do extra homework about music theory and stuff. Isn’t school homework enuff to suffocate all of us? Why cant they just learn how to play. And fullstop. Piano is such a super instrument. It is one of those rare instruments that can stand on its own. Play its own piece of music. SATB, 10fingers to rule them all. LoL. If learning piano is just about playing the instrument, personally I think it would be much more enjoyable. =P I think only ar. If you don’t agree then sorry lor.

Always wanted to learn piano. Haha. You’ll looked so cool playing a piano la. With your eyes closed, fingers restlessly jump in between the black n white keys, your foot tapping the floor once in a while. Wow. Haha. Watch too much tv eh? But still. Playing piano is very enjoyable la. Not only to yourself but also to the ppl around you (provided that you dun anyhow play la).

Then haha like the usual me, I din really put my words into action when there’s a chance for me to do so. Haha. Hostel got music room ma. Got piano mah. I could have go to music room everyweek to at least learn sumthin one lor. Haha but in the end didn’t. only know how to play VOS. LoL.

Kongaznala Mission : Buy an affordable keyboard and learn on my own!

Sub-mission : 1st song to be learnt – Tonghua by Guangliang

To be completed by : my death (wow.lame.haha)

Guided step number one : Find a job . earn my first C-key !

BONUS- piano joke

During the funeral of a world-famous flute player, his cousin’s 3rd great-aunt’s neighbour’s husband’s grandson’s ex-ex-girlfriend was whispering to someone who was apparently related to the deceased in the similar way.

“hey. My ex-ex’s grandpa’s wife’s neighbour’s boyboy’s cousin was such a flute lover. He even requested to have his fav flute to be buried with him together-gether.”

“eh? I thot it was a piano joke? =P… Okie nehmind. I dunno who you are but thankfully he wasn’t a piano lover.”

The end. Ha ha.

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