Thursday, 9 March 2006


(1)Hehheh. I am currently sitting in suria KLCC typing out this post. Eh. Altho I have only stayed for like 2days in KL but there are like so much stuff that *ahem* INSPIRE me to blog n write stuff. Haha. Anyway.

KayEll is obviously different from JayBee but somehow similar to Pulau Singa. Hmm mayb I shldnt say that coz I still haven’t gone to lotsa places in KL yet. Anyway. Watched FD3 yest with the 3Ks (Kim.YK.KK) . Fishing shit! U can ask yk how many times I shouted Fish! in the cinema lor. Fish. damn disturbing la. I was like “how come chia said this is a nice movie..” feel so cheated. Haha. Nv had felt so terrible while watching movie lor. -_-

Eh. Then … food. First dinner here was at nando’s. which I sabo my stomach to the max. haha. Ordered xtra hot somemore jialihai go n add lotsa flaming hot peri sauce + garlic peri sauce + hot peri sauce + some ketchup lor. SHIOK! But it only last till the moment when the fish went down to my throat. After that. I got back the Ignis house spirit. :Burn::burn::burn: lol. Then went to kk’s palace. Then stomach feeling weird n it was shouting (I think I heard) till the nxt morning. Then nxt day I cont my stomach tor(ture)training prog n ate another bowl of tomyam ramen while it was still .. abit weird. Haha. Okay.

Oh n then that 2+hours in the middle of KLhighway was just unforgettable haha. Now I can understand how the chicken feels when it was being locked in an oven. Hehheh. Or mayb not. coz chicken dun wear white shirt with jeans.

LRT. Something similar to singapore’s MRT n something u dun get to see in JB. Eh. Kinda like the feel when the tic was sucked in then out from the slot. Haha. V dunno-how-to-say-but-i-like.

Erm. My trip here is kinda spontaneous and unplanned. So everything that is gonna happen next is a surprise for me. haha. Wonder what will I be doing in the next few hours. Wow. Sounds cool hor? I dun even know when will I be going back to JayBee. ;) ( 0951am 6mar Suria. Ramlee Mall)

(2) Wa. Time has been nice to me for moving so slow these few days haha. (eh I’m not saying that I’m bored here. Serious.) really glad that I’m here n thanks kim,yk,kk,Andrew and Sophia for temaning me and the time is slowing down at the correct time. ( erm dun bother if I sound weird haha )

Hmm. Eventful trip. There are like so much stuff rushing into my brain. Plus this is my first time in KL after like almost 10years haha. Wa. Kinda like saturated liao. that’s why I need time to really sit down. N think. N blog. Haha.

Because of you all lor.

Frankly speaking. I prefer this kinda small group (2-4or5) outing plus bonding session instead of a massive big group noisy outing . haha sorry no offence but I will be kinda lost in a big group haha. =P think we wont have time for mass outing anyway. Everyone is like bz n stuff . hmm..

U know. Sometimes it is like u have tonnes of thoughts in your mind. And it’s like totally in a mess la. It’s only when u got to talk to your fren then the thoughts will like flow out in the way that u like. Hhaha.

Eh. I still haven’t done my uni application n then hmm think I’m going back to JayBee soon. (1439hrs 7mar sohpia’s college. nilai)

(3) now I’m in vfeng ken’s house in Tmn Connaught after much hazards last night. Hehheh =P. it was like all the taxi drivers refused to send me from tun razak stn coz there’s a super heavy mega ultra jam to this place. The cheras famous weekly pasar malam was the sole cause of this. And also one of the reasons why I came here haha. Then later thanks to ken’s fren (Dorothy) i din end up sleeping at lrt station haha. =P after that went to the pasar malam n it was like o.O

So many stuff n it was damn long(1 km apparently). Haha mayb I’m suaku but the pasar malam was like damn crowded n got lotsa farnie stuff. Open from 6pm to 12am! Wad the. Ha then got food la. Clothes la. Wet market stuff la. Daily appliances la. N of coz. FAKE stuff. Haha. N yaya.

I tried the smelly beancurd (chou toufu) for the first time in my life! Haha. It was like. Erm. Ok. not that bad as I thot. Deep fried beancurd with a smelly-side-product-of-digestion kinda taste with chili sauce n acar. Priced at RM2.40 for 4pieces =) then got this bak kwa + meat floss roti with planta which I think it’s quite creative haha. N it tasted nice too. Only RM2 each. Then the Chinese pizza(dunno the exact name of it =P).taste abit like roti canai n it is cheap! RM0.60 per piece. Erm.somemore got this stall called Uncle Bob which sells fried chicken breast that taste “as smooth as drumstick”. RM4.90 per piece and the ladyboss will cut the meat into small pieces for you.
Ok one night is not enuff for me. think I’ll come back to kl for this pasar malam soon. Haha.

Hmm. Another thing about this pasar malam is there were quite a number of beggars sitting/lying on the middle of the road n it was v dangerous. Ppl can just step on them or injure them la. Ok. that’s all. (1639hrs.9mar Kenneth’s place. Taman connaught.)

-went back jb on the 11th. 7.5days in KL. Post-summer-camp-trip 2006 v(o.O) -

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Wei Kang @ Victor said...

omg...u actually visited so many places in kl which i havent visited!


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