Sunday, 19 March 2006

I didn’t know

That was about a decade ago. There was no classes that day ‘cos we were supposed to take our kindergarten graduation photo. Took a bus with teachers and classmates then we reached the place which I dunno where is it exactly till now. Wearing robe and mortarboard plus holding a fake certificate roll, I was queuing waiting for my turn to take photo.

“Boy, smile. Don’t frown. Smile …”

“Ya. Wei Jian. Smile. Look at the camera and smile…”

*I’m smiling! I’m trying my best to smile! Isn’t everyone smile like THIS?*

“stop frowning boy. U wont look nice on the photo if u frown…”

*uncle. I’ve tried my best liao. can u hurry up and take the photo?*


“ok next one!”

I didn’t know how to smile at that time. Erm. I shld say I didn’t know how to face the camera I think. I thot, smiling is to put ur eyes,nose and mouth closer,nearer, then you are smiling. Haha. No one told me. No one told me I must use my cheek muscle as well as the correct way to pull my eye muscle. I didn’t know.

A lot of things in life, we wont know until someone tells us. Esp those things that we thought we knew. But, sometimes it’s not that easy to tell somebody that thing that he/she shld know. Erm. Could be quite explosive I think, if wrong words were used. Anyhow, hope that u can tell me whatever things that I need to know…I dun want to frown at the camera again! of them is me la.

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