Friday, 14 November 2014

泰 Thai ประเทศไทย

First ever Bangkok trip. Really impressed by Thai people's creativity and uniqueness. While they do have international big brands in the high-end shopping malls, there are a lot of local shops with small-scale original design and individual positioning - they just don't follow the crowd.

Also enjoyed Amphawa's serenity very much. River market, handicrafts, seafood and friendly locals. Did what many tourists would do in Bangkok as well: to visit the Maeklong Railway Market, also known as the Umbrella Pull-down Market in the local language.

It was a trip to rejuvenate in May amidst heavy workload and negative thinking at work. Had fun with family though unfortunately it didn't heal much of my depression back then. Nevertheless, enjoyed Bangkok and hope will be there again soon!


NJM posted Nov2014.

Street graffiti near Cultural Centre MRT
Pla-thu ปลาทู Short mackerel 歪頭魚
Kaya roti stall - very very popular at night
Grilled Pork with spicy sauce
JJ Market Section 7
神 Thai chinese pray to the word "God", not the usual statues that you would see in other regions in the world
Amphawa อัมพวา
Thai numeros
Ho Mok Pla ห่อหมกปลา - steam curry custard with fish
Seafood by the river
Morning offering to the monk
Amphawa postcards
Mae Klong Railway Market - Talad Rom Hoop
Western Bakery
Hipster Band @ Siam Paragon
ASEAN @ Wat Pho
Lesson under the Bodhi tree
Harmonique Restaurant - serves fantastique food!
Thai massage
Siam Niramit สยามนิรมิต
Showcasing traditional art and cultural performances
Happy dance
Thai martial law was in place
Thai morning market

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