Thursday, 12 June 2008

Klog S3 - Week 5

"Since you are so hard working today, this is for you."
"orh. .. thanks."

that was on wednesday. half an hour before the day ended. Senior Z handed me this pulut inti while having another one in his mouth. chewing hard. Had been doing UATs for two different products. Generate Benefit Illustration from the system, Compare with the mocked-up values then check for discrepancies.

Super lack of sleep for almost the whole week already. For a few times i need to go to the washroom to take nap [dun worry it smells nice in there actually XD] before i can continue to stare at the com to continue with my work. And have been trying to control myself from getting doses of caffeine. control control!

Realised that there's so many stuff that i didnt know about my acs path. Wahaha. Really need to spend time planning liao. And next sem gonna be no-monday-lesson week! And probably taking TCM and Modern chinese lyrics. Wakaka.

Argh. i'm getting too tired. ~..~


aya said...

heyy! me probably taking tcm too! hoho. n hopefully the ba218, mlt! =Pp

Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

yeah! will we get the chance to poke needles / taste ginseng? XDDD

ba218 i have the useless text. either of u want it? haha

aya said...

hahaha.. i know im v late in replying haha.. waa poke needles!! ehh fun desu. haha.

anyway for ba218, i cannot cfm can get la.. u pass to mlt if she wants it lo. hee. hmm. maybe i take nx yr then dun need to buy muahaha.


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