Saturday, 7 June 2008

Harmoc Rox 之 五代同堂

Yeah. We had J1 to J5 on stage on friday. Alumni are sitting on the front row. After the concert preview, just couldn't help it to do 3 cheers, Ya! cheer and NJ oei cheer. hahaha.

Alumni girls

Alumni guys + ZB

Old folks combined

Me and YC (05 1st chro) - the emo guy

This reminds me of the Golden Pillow. Haha
(04 2nd chro)KF, (06 octave)WZ, (06 1st chro)WY, (04 1st chro)WZ
- the backstage is just separated from the main stage by a thin grey wall, the one that you see in this photo. Background image is junior band on stage.

Rushed to Newton after leaving the office on the dot and reached Ann Jay with my back full with sodium chloride solution. Coz i alighted one stop earlier than the one that i'm supposed to alight at. Walked for quite a distance to reach the main gate -..- Memory is failing me. Anyway. had one last round of rehearsal and off we go for the concert preview.

Overall, the preview is really a PREVIEW. Was kinda disappointed as i expected a preview concert but not a concert preview. It was just like another full dress rehearsal where the parents are sitting in the LT watching their son/daughter performing. Quite shocked when SY told me there wasnt many audience and peeped from the curtain. We were sitting next to the stage curtain, listening to the band, seeing the juniors rushing on and off the stage.

Time passed fairly quickly during performance, as usual. The alumni went up for the 3rd piece after intermission. Didnt feel as great compared to our usual prac. Mayb 'coz LT5 is much bigger compared to the band room ba. If harmoc has feelings or anything, it must have felt lonely when its sound travelled in the LT alone. Dry and cold.

After the preview, the alumni went to KAP. woohoo. 1000 years never been there already. Man, nostalgic sia. it was crowded with harmoc ppl. and i have to say that i'm pretty impressed by the enthu and crazi-ness of the juniors. Making noise, cheers, do crazy things etc etc. The band spirit is definitely [still] there! :D

Monday will be the big day for them. Their first step to have a proper concert outside Ann Jay.
For the alumni, probably it's the last time for the 16 of us to play music tog. Awwww.

Harmoc rox ah!!
Haha. Gambate everyone!


Seranua said...


hwee said...

i hope it wont be the last time the 16 of us play tgt.. haha.. but it's definitely the first time! =D

Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

lol. yeah. if possible let's make what we have discussed that day comes truth!

hwee said...

yup yup.. we should make it come true! tink can discuss with more ppl too!

Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

Ya!! mayb can discuss during the outing~
People if u are reading this and u just lurve harmoc, please refer to the entry entitled
"Good Ol' Days avec Harmoc" below, last paragraph for more info (:


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