Thursday, 16 August 2007

Claim List

U may put your claim here as comment or tag or just pm me on msn. Unclaimed items will be thrown away or given out for donation in 14days time.

[click image to enlarge]
Yellow crepe paper [49cm x 88 cm] (x2)
Yellow torch light (x 1)
Plastic waterbags (x 100)
Lighter (x 2)
Red tealight candle (x 9)
Sewing kit (x 1)
Kodak photos (a few)
Glue (blue cap x1 transparent cap x1)
Canon aromatic joss stick (a few)
Blue tack (a few)
Safety pins (many)
Scissors ( blue x2 silver foldable x1)
Ruler (15cm x 1)
Black marker (x 1)
Assorted blue pens
Pencil 2B (x 2)
UHU glue 7cc (x 1)
Silver chopsticks (a pair)
Duct tape (x 1)
Masking tape (x 2)
White chalk (x 3)
Spun polyester thread 1000m (x 1)


MLT said...

the kodak photos r mine. but most r yz's photos. i only want the one which have all day 3ers except ps one can? haha help me keep till i go back bar! lighters n candles we bought one so dun belong to anyone i think. contribute to the msa quater master's warehouse bar! Jia you for concert!:)

wai hon said...

the yellow torchlight is mine..

and i have lost another torchlight as well, it is the freshmen welcome day one (red)......which i couldnt find here...

so maybe we can talk about it on msn la...haha

thank you

yy said...

hey hey.. help us keep:
-sewing kit
-photos(yes we want them back.. will pass to mlt when she comes back haha)
-blue scissors
-silver chopsticks
-white thread

will go n collect fr u 1 day.. thx a lot!! :)

as for the UHU glue, white chalks n some other left-over materials, i think u can keep them for ur own use.. haha.. or pass them over to the quartermaster..

w a n x i n said...

Si ne personne veux claimer le uhu glue, je veux claimer ca! wakakaka.. There goes for masking tape duct tape and all the other useful art materials too! Merci beaucoup


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