Thursday, 16 August 2007

Je suis revenu !

Having a nice 8-hour break before my lesson today. Woke up at 0830 and aim to finish my lagged tutorials for two weeks. But before i start AA102 BA215 BA218, let's blog.

First, a good news. I registered this blog for a contest, namely 《
2007大马中文部落格祭》 [The Inaugural Malaysian Chinese Blog Award] some time ago. then in the previous entry of mine, the organising commitee actually left a comment informing me that .: KonGaznaLa :. is shortlisted as 1 of the 4 finalists for Bilingual Blog category(out of 12 registered blogs in case u are interested to know). Muahahaha. Happy lah. It's a nationwide thing leh. Anyway, the award goes to another finalist which i still havent have the time to read yet.


Secondly, Vivace VIII is coming really soon! Finally eh. Was so stressed about it when everything seems to be undone. But now, just wait until the last rehearsal on Friday and off we go to bring your ears travel first class! Am glad when i heard people talking about our posters, our flyers and our concert. and the ticket selling speed! muahaha. The feeling is as if i'm waiting for my child to be born now. Hehe. 5 tickets left only! [as for 16Aug 0900] Have you got your ticket to fly first class?

the concert booklet

the durian poster

and then. Academic stuff. Stressful stuff. Got a subject with project that needs 12weeks to complete. Another with failing rate of 50%. and another with many many power tutorialmates. My first step of being an actuarial undergrad before i erase the 'under'. Must gambate. It wont be easy.

newly-bought text

somemore. I got to watch SodaGreen live in Ant Tea You last sunday! It was during Music Express, a Singapore nationwide songwriting competition for students (from sec school to uni) and they were the performing guests that night. Woohoo. Super c0ol to listen to them live!

sodagreen on stage

I guess that's all for now. Spent 1hr on this post already while eating bfast. Till then. Cya.

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