Monday, 6 December 2010

My Kakashi Experience

Realized there was a little discomfort with my left eye on Tuesday morning in the office. after which I removed my contacts lens thinking that ah it must have broken again. It came out in it's nice curvature. intact. good news: no broken pieces in my eye; bad news: there was still "something" under my eyelid.

I tried to blink and tear to wash out the particle. but it remained stubborn. my eye was getting red and I was half closing my left eye due to the discomfort. and continued to work on sas, excel.

The panel clinic was closed by the time I reached there after taking my lunch. so i went back to the office, helped out in the christmas deco before I went to the clinic again.

The doctor concluded that it was a normal conjunctivitis. after gathering some info from me (i told her i could feel something beneath my eyelid) and checked my eye using a penlight. She issued me a bottle of eyedrop and a cream to be applied at night. and halfday mc.

I packed my bag and left the office. went home showered put eye drop and slept. dinner. wake up to flip some notes. put eye cream. sleep. the "thing" was still there irritating my eye. I thought okay tmr morning I shall be fine.

But. my eye was swollen and red the next morning. and I went to the nearest clinic for another opinion after knowing that SNEC don't accept appointment booking for the day itself. The doctor looked at my eye. looked at the drop and cream that I was prescribed with. and told me:

"it could be an eye ulcer. I am referring you to the a&e. Eye ulcer is blinding. please go there and the eye doctor will treat you. now." i took his envelope-less letter and took a snapshot of it. and thought I could be Kakashi. huh.

At a&e, a young MO attended me. She checked my eyes using the microscope, shining light into my eyes, applied anaestetic, dilated my eyes, checked the back of my eyes and told me:

"it's not an eye ulcer but there's a scratch on your front eye, and the whole eye got infected (conjunctivitis) cos of that. I am giving you two bottles of antibiotic eyedrop. apply it hourly, even at night. am referring you to the SNEC. please come back tomorrow to follow up.. Do you need mc?"

*my sharingan left eye had a 6/6 for vision test without aid. wow.
*the eyedrop that the first doc prescribed contains steroid. wow.

So the next day, after doping my eye for 29/40 times (yes I fell asleep and missed some) I went to SGH-SNEC for check up. It was another doctor and I was told to continue the hourly eyedrop. come back again tmr. *kaching ($)*

Eye was healing, less swollen and less red. The hourly fridged eyedrop was rather refreshing. But left eye vision was a bit blur. Seeing double image.

Friday, I was late for my 0830 appointment. the same doctor checked my eye and told me the eye looks okay and said maybe can reduce the eyedrop frequency to per 3hours. She later on consulted another doc(who appeared to be at least a consultant lvl). The consultant doc came. Microscoped my eye and had a different view.

"Maybe he should continue the hourly eye drop. and anyone on-call tomorrow(sat)? oh. then get him to come back tomorrow. has he done cornea sampling test?"


*ka ching* and I went to town for mugging.

Saturday I went to SNEC @0830 seeing a crowd, larger and slower than usual. Waited for eye check then doc's consultation. It's another doctor today. She read my records and asked a few questions before microscoped my left eye.

"Looks good. It started scarring already. I am giving you something milder to the eye and apply it in 3hours interval. Come back on Wednesday to see Dr. Koh."

the redness has almost gone and no more grain feeling under my eyelid. occasional pain still there but now it's at my eye corner. I guess it's cause by the acidity of the drop?

Sunday. woke up and went for CFA. Mcq marathon. Brain totally burnt out after 6hours of 240mcqs.

Well hope my Kakashi experience ends on wed. Not sure how are they gonna take my cornea sample though.


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