Friday, 7 September 2007


Just watched Secret. Was halfway doing my Stats Modelling tutorial and realised that i needed some break. and this break was an inspiring one.

A 2007 film directed by Jay Chou with him himself as the leading actor. A "simple but very beautiful" love story, not much CG, no scenic view, no big casts but yet i was mesmerised by the music hidden all over the place in the film. The main plot revolves around the secret that cannot be told, which was introduced in the beginning of the film that it is related to the secret piano song. Thereafter, the whole film is fully filled with different genres of music, played using piano, the King of music instruments. The revelation of the secret at the end was quite well done as in it actually explain every question mark in my mind while i was watching it. At least the suspence didnt bored me and i had a "oic" feel after knowing the truth. Anyway there are still some plots that are quite redundant/should have been elaborated more.. eg The part about the oldies that both XiangLun and XiaoYu like. Personally the part that i like the best is the piano battle scene. Mayb i'm suaku or wad but i was really like wow how can a person's fingers move so damn fast?

Overall it's quite c0ol to be a movie with music as the backbone . Go watch if u still havent watched it !

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