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Ebi-Kase エビカセ with NJM - Chapter 1

えびフィレオ Filet-O-Ebi
I miss the Land of Rising Sun. One of the reasons to step into a McD restaurant when you are in Japan is to try the Filet-O-Ebi えびフィレオ which is the localised menu item for Japan! Just like Bubur Ayam McD for Malaysia, McSpicy for Singapore, 扭扭粉 macaroni with soya milk for HK-Macau, don't eat your usual regular stuff when you visit McD overseas.

and in Singapore, Ebi burger is back by popular demand with a twist and new sides!

Img credit: McDonald's Singapore

Jeng jeng! Cereal Ebi Burger with Sweet Potato Fries and Honeydew McFlurry. McDonald's Singapore describe the burger as follows:-
The Cereal Ebi Burger is a flavourful combination of succulent whole shrimp in a crunchy, cereal- coated patty, topped with shrimp paste flavoured sauce and crispy whole-leaf lettuce, served in between soft white sesame and chive buns.
i think they missed the very important chilli padi which adds the local flavour to the burger.. and in my own words, Sweet Potato Fries is really no-nonsense fried sweet potato while Honeydew McFlurry is McFlurry with honeydew powder and corn cereal.

don't think they have the official Chinese names so I shall have the honour to name them as 麥片香辣海老堡 and 炸薩摩芋條. 

Ebi-kase @ AMK Park McD

Thanks to omy blog club and mcdsg i attended the Ebi-kase party with other bloggers at AMK Park McD to taste the new items before the official launch this Thursday :D

今日のオススメ Today's menu

We were first served the welcome drink: Ribena Chill or Mango Peach Chill. The choice is obvious. I think they should just make Ribena a regular item since you already have it in HappyMeal. 

The main ingredients

The main ingredients were introduced. Highlight is the onion-garlic-chillipadi-prawn-paste sauce and the cereal-coated shrimp potato patty.

Cereal Ebi and Sweet Potato Fries

Then comes the burger and fries presented on small wooden tray and miso soup bowl. Of course you need to have your staple on your left and soup bowl on the right. I hope I will get the same portion of fries when it is officially launched this Thursday. Ha.

fast food eat fast

The taste: I like the just-right spicy-ness of the sauce which stays in your mouth (vs that of McSpicy which follows down your throat) and I like the sweetness of shrimp+potato! If McSpicy is 5 chillies then this is probably 4 chillies. 

Sweet potato fries is gooood and you can still taste the McD-ness of the coating. and it is good as it is, no sauce is necessary. 

Honeydew McFlurry is too sweet for me (and some other bloggers). Still like the plain vanilla ice cream more. Perhaps Matcha McFlurry (ie McFlurry + Uji Matcha powder) will be a better side to complete the whole Japanese theme. 

Mini-furoshiki 風呂敷

at the end of the event, each of us was given a mini-furoshiki with info sheet and hello coupons for Sweet Potato Fries and Honeydew McFlurry!



What you can get from 3 September in islandwide McD - Cereal Ebi Special: a Single Cereal Ebi, a refreshing glass(cup!) of Coca-Cola (S) and crispy Sweet Potato Fries (M) will be available from $7.45. The Honeydew McFlurry will be available from $2.90. While stocks last.

Coming Soon: Look out for the second chapter of Ebi-Kase – to be launched on 17 September! Tasting coupons will be sent to the bloggers but they have yet to reveal  what the second new item will be! 


but it's no longer a secret now because NJM declares it will be Seaweed Ebi ...  saw it on the burger box ha. Just like how you fold the edge for 6 or 9 piece nuggets, you can choose either Cereal or Seaweed.

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