Saturday, 9 May 2015

As faces fade...

Almost a week post-Bunuk's camp, though we still get SMS or Facebook pokes from the kids, nevertheless the faces will fade as time passes. 

I can now hardly remember the names/faces of my P5 Mambong group: Brian, Helwi, Veron ... and the bunch who walked me back to Uncle Robinson's place, waited for me to get showered then back to the hall together when I got lost in the kampung before Malam Kebudayaan. 

Then Sebujok's P2: Moses, Aziz, Cynthia, Sahahara, Anna Bella; the 3 musketeers Pidan, Wayne, Johari; AJK Grace, Camelia, Wilson; P6 Jason, P4 Hector, P3 Anthony; and Pre-school Aie who always koala me. 

But in their mind, we are forever their cikgus and they'll probably remember us for life. Just like how we remember our primary school teachers (:

Time to browse through old albums and thank you Facebook. 

就像Nyiok 說的,辦活動遇到這麼多孩子,遇到幾個投緣的,不如就保持聯絡繼續這份「緣」。套自己之前說過的:人與人之間的「絆」才是讓人想一再回去的理由!

The kids gang @ Kg. Bunuk

The volunteer teachers

The AJK from Bunuk

Skeleton waving Jalur Gemilang

Packed breakfast with snake meat 

bidayuh awesomeness

little notes from comrades and the young ones

Free taxi to river bath

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