Thursday, 26 March 2015

Impian Sarawak Educamp 随笔

千萬不要 Please Don't

一些志工會不經意的以高姿態來到鄉區,張口閉口「我們城裡人kami orang bandar、你們鄉下人kamu orang kampung」「我們在城裡怎樣怎樣,你們這裡怎樣怎樣,所以我們是來幫你們、‘拯救’你們的」「其實這裡的小孩不笨bukan bodoh,錯不在他們」。




It was rather emotional leaving Kg. Sebujok after the educamp. We bonded with the children, bonded with the longhouse families, bonded among the volunteers.

then we left.

Have we planted the 'seed' deep enough in their heart to support the pursuit of their impian? What lies ahead for the children and the community? Which is more important? Preserving the culture and the pure hearts or moving out to the city for greater opportunities?


Some children express themselves much better in drawing, I was one of them. Moses (8yo) too. He could draw out everything that we did without any guidance, then slowly checked with me the spelling of the words to write in his diary.



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