Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Rumah Masa Depan

On our way to Husein Sastranegara Airport, I was checking the photos of Tangkuban Perahu hill that I just taken on Pak Rudi's moving Avanza. My 18-55mm with its autofocus not functioning requires quicker response time from me now.

"Sini ... semua rumah masa depan."

As usual Pak Rudi was telling us every little thing that we passed by, from wedding ceremonial deco jalur kuning to 'the future houses' that we were being pointed to. May or may not represent Bandung people's view, but it tells me more about Bandung from Pak Rudi's eyes.

Following the direction that he was pointing at, I saw graveyards.


I applauded his humour quietly and then got to know that he has already bought his future house nearby the airport area.

47 years old. Divorced with two children. Pak Rudi is one very nice local guide who waits at the carpark for you getting check-in / settle luggage / take quick shower before sending you for dinner without taking his, while he could have had done so by giving us more time to rest in the hotel. "It's my job," he said.

"Ready to die?" He asked my dad on a slight serious slight joking tone. Looks like he has already done all the preparation for it. He still works hard everyday, fetching travellers from the airport, to airport; giving his recommendations based on past interaction with customers from different countries.

Stepping into the international flight lounge, I wondered: when will I reach this stage of life -getting ready to die at the same time enjoying what I do, knowing what and who I am.

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