Saturday, 30 October 2010


三國殺 - new game that colleague helped me bought from China. Board game ftw.

At work, there are so many fml's yet we need to put up a fake smile and deal with it. We actually started to compile them as stories and assign time tag as well as story title to each of them. One of the most epic ones was "Dig Your Own Grave - 26/10/2010". Somehow, sharing the fml's with colleagues/friends has honed my storytelling skills. Not a bad way to de-stress i guess. Hahaha. Had a good laugh. Felt better. As long as nobody overheard and understood them.

NJM plays a better role as an observer rather than an executor or even a presenter. Discovered since vivace8 and i still am now. Not sure why but my brain and the sensitivity works thousand times better when i am listening. Able to pinpoint the main issue. Able to reply tough questions. But not when i am the one who is being asked. For what.

NJM cant be mean. even when he wants to. This sucks. When i talk. when i complain. i can sound the meanest. But not when i am on the phone talking to some a**hole. The bestest line would only come to my head after i hung up. Usually. Need some more training on this.

Having difficulties to discipline myself to study. even though exam is drawing near. Self-sourced exam with no monetary incentive what-so-ever. Exam fee is expensive and so cant afford to fail and so must study. Waha. I just somehow lost the study momentum that i used to have during student times. There are so many temptations not to do anything after you started work. Ya.

Random pit-stop of life. If were to list out two most important things learnt at work: Communication (Written and spoken) + Sharing/Delegation

Okay that's four.

FML for Mugiwara Pirates.

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