Saturday, 23 October 2010


Photo from Project Smiles - a community project for the less privileged children.

(Reads: suu-paa-man)
Sometimes i do feel like i am one.

Not because i can fly. Not because i am a hero.
Because i care about people's expectation.
and i cant seem to ignore my own expectation.

It is almost the end of Oct. First post of the month.
iPhone did take up a huge portion of my social networking time.
Or maybe should i say i didn't have much emo time?

Sometimes i am confused.
Why some people just don't get it.
Why are they so persistent about something.
It's all clear when it comes to my turn.

Flying in nov though.
SIN-KUL via tiger. KUL-SIN via AirAsia.
Total fare SGD26 + MYR40.
Dirt cheap.

Another break in Mid Dec.
Hoho. There goes my 2010.

iTunes playing Jay Chou - 超人不会飞

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