Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Fishing in the Sky

Kite flying is like fishing but in the opposite direction / position / objectives.

Now you know how the Frog under the Well see the sky.

Naked woman with Metal ball.

Freezing the water.

Marina Barrage

Group photo under the metallic sphere



Shutter speed not fast enough

Uncle Lee's 9 wonders of the Marina Barrage

Demo of how the Marina Barrage works.

How the dam release the water.

Sustainable Sing-ga-por exhibition

Actual size Marina Dam. Left: Reservoir. Right: Sea.

Sea of cloud with lotsa stingrays.

Kite flying from the p.o.v of the kite.

We couldnt manage to fly this colourful kite at all. =..= after dunno how many rounds of pulling/running/testing etc.

Huang Xiao Hu (The yellow little tiger) was much better.

Spider web.

黃小虎. 沒... 那麽簡單~

This guy was flying a kite with two handle/line controls, just like a motorcycle and sounded like one too.

Why would they choose a Saturday to have their shoots ... it was so crowded.
Oh. the whole week was rainy from Mon to Fri.


the relax phase after the kite has reached a minimum height that requires less control/attention.

group photo. would have been better if can see more kites..


jump some more!

you can see more kites in the sky as compared to the earlier photo.

group photo at Handburger. I shall open the Feetburger.

聼 · 說

Toy Story 3 was unexpectedly nice/funny.
Didn't realise the last sequel was actually 10 years ago.

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-minshan- said...

didi! the 黄小虎...没那么简单.. is damn funny!


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