Sunday, 3 January 2010

Two Oh One Oh!

Ended up at Flyer area - instead of the initial plan of Tanjong Rhu.

Proof of us chop-ed the spot way early before the fireworks.

Sky was getting more colourful. for the short moment of a day.

Cheers. A notre santé.

Group photo before the fireworks.

Sparkler spinning wheel.

The crowd with us.

Photos below are selected after filtering those out-of-its-original-shape photos of the fireworks.

The not so symmetrical one.

The normal spherical one.

The thin one with more irregular spread.

and the smoky rambutans.

It was quite an experience to be part of the fireworks hunter group. Initially wanted to go somewhere really ulu - Marina east. even went to recce after work. Almost ended up stationing ourselves next to the ECP expressway but in the end with safety issues in consideration, we tried our luck walking along marina bay and found our spot along the F1 track.

The new year's eve crowd is seriously no joke. and this kinda squeezy sweaty experience, i think once is enough. Was amazed by how organized/obedient/orderly the people were, when we were being directed into the MRT station. If it were to be somewhere across the Causeway, i might not have caught the last train back.

Fireworks photography. Wow everyone has a DSLR nowadays. you see one whole row of canon/nikon tripods and the non-stop shutter sound throughout the 10minute firework show. The photo taking process was indeed difficult especially when the smoke started to form. The poor results (wasted damn a lot of shutter count) was largely due to the lack of experience. Did a lot of bad estimations of when and how long the firework will take to form its biggest/nicest shape. Bleh.

I know this is not good. But alcohol was tasty even when it wasnt very chilled.

New year's resolutions? Next post, maybe.
Hae Pee Neu Ear.

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