Monday, 19 October 2009

Pulau Ubin .. Again!

Fav of the day: Lost in the jungle.

Colourful vege stall at Changi Village Food Centre

Bumboats to Ubin!

Jump! *plays MayDay - 离开地球表面*

Boat captain uncle 回眸一笑. Ha.

Next best view on the boat, other than from the captain's seat.

Chill. Lax.


Ubin jetty - Super crowded that day as it was Diwali public holiday

First group photo - in front of the 'Welcome to Pulau Ubin' sign is a must-take !

Another must-take when you have road curve mirror (ha. wads the proper name for it ah)

woots. super shiok to cycle on the slopes. be it upslope or downslope. u dont get these if were to cycle at Yee See Pee.


Super small beach where u see ppl fishing not for the fish. but to kill time.

Off-focused near object is coool.

and family enjoying quality time together

woots. can you see that the world is round?

Les fleurs petites.

Bakau and its natural golden ratio.

Calling for Jack. with that piece of bread on the wooden plank.

It stood up. Ate the bread. then posed for the camera.

Its owner. Son of the ex-Ubin chief.

Rabbits eating toasted bread.

Hare in deep thoughts.

Hermit crab's abandoned home.

Lotus flower. Hmm. should have pulled out the lotus root and get the lotus seed eh.

You'd see dogs running around - 小黄 小黑 小白 all came out from our textbooks.

Beer is a must!

Red lanterns hung around the seafood makan place

woots. peacock green coloured lake with sky blue sky. :D Cu(2+)?

The tide was much lower compared to the last time i went up to the viewing tower.

No. We didnt agree on our dress colour code beforehand.

woots. right-handed lil crab. taken using 55-250mm.

(afterwhich my batt went flat =..= )

Coral wall taken using my w890i. Unexpected refraction of sunray.

Last group photo on top of the seagrass lagoon.

Woots. Nice getaway from the stressful-fastpaced-mainisland for a Sat.

Surprisingly, saw a lot of different stuff that were missed out during my previous trip to Ubin.
e.g. Jack, rabbits, crabbys, mudskippers (which my friends insisted that they are not fish but look here), low tides, dead corals and frustrated angmoh family during lunch.

But too bad, batt went flat right after the crab shot as i didnt have time to charge it the night before (or rather, in the morning when i reached home at 5am).

Yeap small group trip once again proved to be more efficient and more fun.
Dah. Thats about it.

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