Monday, 28 September 2009

Project R.E.A.L. - WSC RSPHI

Photo of the Day. Low aperture saved the day. Ha. and i use left hand to sign.

Signed up for Project R.E.A.L. - an one-day sign language workshop organised by Ant Tea You WSC-RSPHI :D

We learnt how to sign the alphabets - in photo: "E" & "C"

and this means "-ly": combination of "L" and "Y" sign

Has been a habit of me like to take second differential photo. waha.

i like their shirts. wootz.

having lunch.

another form of sign language? Ha.

Group photo - those on right handside doing "stupid" (or is it "idiot"?) sign

outdoor game - briefing in progress

Group photo next to the pool

"Nice to meet you"

"You are welcome" - hand sign "W" then swing in front from from shoulder to waist level

Blindfolded to eat something then supposed to sign the food out

"Tomato" - one hand in flat "O". another use index finger to 'chop' it.

Then the last segment - Song signing: I Want It That Way



Audience sign along

Great way to spend my Sunday (:

Full album on fb:
-some photos were taken by wenyao, one of the facilitators in my group

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