Saturday, 12 September 2009

NTU Harmonica Concert - Vivace X @ TRCC Theatre

We were at TRCC Theatre on 5 September with more than 500 audience and supporters

Our past 10 years' concert booklets. The passport one was an idea by yours truly. ha.

This year's booklet + feedback form + pencil

Band on stage from Fisheye

Rehearsal on stage

Last briefing in dressing room

Concert opened with our lovely emcees

then we went on stage

Our guest performers: Fresco harmonica

Photo taken during rehearsal

St. Margaret's Primary School made their debut public performance

Then there were some shots with players' expression



players from different section with different expression


Cake cutting with GOH, Prof Lok. Donut cake sponsored by Donut Empire

Illustration by 长颈 - a regret not to have a bigger projector and screeen though

Whole band on stage


Ali, YF, Val, MS

Ann Jay 0405 2nd chro + Sile! MJ, YK, KF, SL, Joyce, Jess

Thanks all for coming down to support! esp those who kena pushed tix by me. Muaha.
joe, kim, yizi, yongsheng, minshan, ali, val, yf, 2nd chro, sile, yenyen, yvonne, grace, jasen, constance! also to szeping for his photos!

Other photos courtesy of Clovis. Thanks for helping out again (:

shall write abit more about Vivace. maybe some time later.


cmeng88 said...

good job for the vivace!

yitjun said...

yaya~~ good job in vivace!!~~

Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

(自称)贝斯小王子! last year still say will gambateh for vivace x de leh. ha. then now enjoying yourself at netherlands. -..- ha u missed our great performance XD

ah thanks ah. u said alot of times liao haha.


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