Saturday, 18 July 2009

Klog S4.6 - Eh? It's Week 6 already

Academic Dress @ Serangoon Broadway. Harry Potter event in 9 more days!

Ppl in my area are patriotic. and generally ppl in Singapore are. But for my case. 我爱国家,国家爱我吗 =.=

Hong Lim food centre famous wanton mee stall. the lady with super memory can remember every order no matter how long the queue is. Zai.

Went for haircut at this amazingly standardized QBHouse. You can feel that everything inside came from a Japanese brain. かっこい~ Btw the lady said every strain of my hair grow in different direction.

Dug out my umbrella 'cos it was raining in the morning. Everyone arrived 15-30 minutes late from the usual time. I dont like having the status of "latecomer". Be it work, or fun.


Was a super busy week and before i know it, it's sat noon now already.
Tiring. As in was given task from two teams and i needa complete work from both sides concurrently. Brain need to be split into half then think on different subjects.
and so what if the morning/afternoon partition was set to report to different team?
if emails come then will still need to get the work done.

i.e. there were actually two NJMs exist in the office. Haha.
Time is abit stretched. So not much time for me to think deep.
Learning alot of stuff but not sure how long i need to get used to this split personality working environment. Eh.

At work it is funny that you talk to some colleagues from other department over the phone, working quite closely to get the job done. You could recognise the voice but wouldnt be able to say hi to each other when taking the same lift to go down for lunch.

Back is aching due to bad posture i guess. or lousy chair with no back support. Need a big pillow to help. and just in case i need to stay overnight haha.



Wei Kang 小康 said... that ur grad gown?

Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

yup orange with blue strips tat one (:


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