Sunday, 5 July 2009

Klog S4.4 - Photos

The Company distributed 2 flu masks and 1 thermometer to every employee in view of the rising number of infections. No further instructions to take temperature everyday, yet. Am still going out every week exposing myself to the H1N1. 0.o

Secretly taken from Big Boss' room when both of my teams are having meeting with him. Was using my notepad to cover my phone muahahaha.

Wednesday rain was crazy. Witnessed the up blowing wind lifting up the downpour from the view of my dept window. Photo taken from the pantry.

Chilled durian for supper on Wed. and today (Sat), i had fried rice, pear, prata, tauhuey and birdnest drink. 0.o

Sad to say that Klog has slowly transformed into photos-only entries and these photos are not really related to my work. Wahaha. Just to sumarize a bit, Week 4 there were low period when i was forced to act busy and there were really rush period when i needed to multitask + stayback till 7-730pm. Shooting emails everywhere to HK to India to other departments to colleagues on biztrip. Next week though would be a three-day week in some sense, it's gonna be double the xiong-ness. Tonnes of stuff to be done. Eh. Wish me luck.

It wasnt really an enjoying moment when received the email that put me into an awkward situation. Sigh.

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