Monday, 27 July 2009


Photo koped from Yvonne. Me is graduate of Ann Bee Ess Actuarial Science 2009!

Me on stage receiving the cert folder from the chancellor.

My whole family + kor's gf. Photoshoped meizi in haha.

slightly more than half of ACS class - taken before the ceremony starts

acs class photo after ceremony. @ SBS. 18/33 on stage!

Me with prof Jackie - the one who screwed my CGPA kaokao. haha. quite a motivating prof.

Me with Prof. Bala. the ACS mentor in Ant Tea You. Disliked his accent at the beginning but he is one of the most inspiring profs of mine, imo.

Us with acs cow

me with harmoc peeps

with 311 family

with sampats

with 3ers

more photos on fb.
feel so empty. and incomplete. eh?
i didnt take any individual shots nor photos with convo sign board =..=

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