Sunday, 26 July 2009

Class outings weekend

Sat - s08 class outing @ Crystal Jade, Walawala - Holland V

Low turn up but cosy outing! Me looking red as usual but my limits got higher. Felt nothing that night actually. looking for more challenges. haha.

Me and rich. munching on calamari ring.

justin and weesiang acting cute

junkai and christina.

Sun - tPx class outing @ TopOne, Thai Noodle house and Island Creamery

K-session was fun 到爆! *bom* haha sang from 1109am till 550pm. shiok. esp 爱不怕 haha

Dinner with ppl leaving and ppl joining. at Bukit timah where we used to come over when hcibs serves lousy lapchiong + salted egg.

at island creamery. damn nice ice cream place! nice scenery. nice ice cream :D

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