Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ann Jay Harmoc Alumni @ Pulau Ubin

Ann Jay Harmoc Alumni went to Ubin! It was my first time there. wahaha. suaku.

Took the bumpy bumboat ride from Changi jetty @ $2.50 per pax

J6 guys - wz, ys, njm, stan

creating waves and simple harmonic motion

first group photo

then we rented the bicycle from 12-6pm @ $6.

My attempt to take photos on bike

first pit stop at mt bike area

cycled through mud and slopes. quite a lot of flying slopes where u can get momentum first then let go the pedals and fly. cool sia.

Took photo when we realised that the road in front was blocked

Saw rambutan tree with rambutans but we were too short.
buah rambutan di luar pagar, ambil galah tolong jolokkan.
saya budak baru bekerja, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.

failed attempt to pick up durians...

and islander selling rambutans they plucked/jolok-ed from the trees

Dog lying on the beach peacefully and i could go at this distance to take a photo of it.

The bikes. One punctured and we had one casualty.

relatively low tide today.

Seaweed. which looks kinda unappetizing from this view. haha

Check Jawa viewing tower

Group photo taken by me. you see 3 J3s, 2 J4s and 2 J6s from Ann jay harmoc.

mangrove's root. always wanted to take a big scissors then trim them to the same height haha. say say only la. XD

Lonely tree in the middle of the sea

we went to return our bikes

thank you and have a nice day

took the boat ride back to main island

Goodbye Ubin

and this was taken on my way back to tiongbahru. It was raining heavily. Kids in front of me wearing poncho made using Cold storage plastic bag. Haha. Walking groceries.


长颈 said...

i like the photos u took

Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

哈哈 那些没有kongaznalaa.blogspot.com的不是我拍的

是咯 家里脚车坏掉后就很少骑了
要不要开学前带你去ubin? haha after kor come back maybe.. but that place need to cycle to go around one. not sure if pa ma will want.

Wei Kang 小康 said...







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