Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Let's do a twitter style microblogging:-

1. Kena called back for Program Khidmat Negara (National Service Programme) and have to do the troublesome deferment application -..-

2. Attended an act sci conference (stood in for avp who signed up but then not free to go for this kinda boliao event) about Cancer Insurance Product in Japan at OCBC executive dining hall. Kinda boring. haha. Nice sandwich and prawn dumplings tho.

3. "10 weeks is enough to bond people together and regulate distance between some." Wahsey. How true.

4. Have been really busy for the week to the extent that i revitalised my organiser. on the other hand, workload in office has never been so slack. :P

5. Bought the Creative T100 since it was on promotion that day. $49 for 2GB. Plug&Play. USB rechargable. Navigatable between folders but no screen. Thumbdrive. and cheap! Grabbed the last black colour one. Haha. Music on the train!

6. This friday we interns are tasked to mend our dept bazaar stall selling lemper, silky barley and keropok! Today did poster and some marketing strategic stuff haha.

7. One and a half week left. Do i sound like i will miss my PA? Haha.



jiayi said...

i also kena khidmat negara.
let me know how to postpone it.. i postpone for two times already :S

Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

"The National Service Act states that an individual can be called back for training until he reaches the age of 35."

0.o !!!

okok let u know once i get it done (:


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