Friday, 11 July 2008

Klog S3 - Week 9

Nai Jiew Mil@work. The seat behind him is his supervisor's.

FW.Fire warden. (alternatively stands for "For What?") Senior Y and Senior S who are supposed to be the FW asked us to help to collect all the names in our floor for the coming fire drill. both actuarial and exec department.

Steamboat on Monday! Food was not bad. better with good companions! Crowned with new nickname. -..- Dessert after steamboat was nice too! and we all share weird tv watching habits. Muahaha

Then dinner + dessert @ MarinaSquare on Fri. super chilled night. ah the cake with cream on top is "Devil in Your Mouth" - Tiramisu ice cream + chocovanilla cake :P"""

Fri. our company had a staff bazaar. It was quite fun coz we could eat snake 光明正大-ly. Haha. While other department selling pastries, drinks, pineapple rice, handicure service + free shoulder massage, handphone hanger, brownies, tarts etc etc... We, from the actuarial department, bring our products to you with correct pricing and substantial consideration of your health,

Item #1: Premium Crunchy Keropok airflown from Bali ~

Item #2: Lemper (fragrant glutinous rice+tender chicken) - one of the best south-eastasian cuisine that you can find in Shenton Way!

[image from eyebear]
The very first sale! Lemper $1.20

Item #3: Homemade Silky Barley made by my team leader and her Filipino chef- Good for your skin! Good for your complexion! Guaranteed at least 7 Ginkgo nuts per bowl. Ginkgo nuts is good for your brain too!

Total sales was about $300 from our department stall. All proceeds go to the Singapore Cancer Society~

[image from wikipedia]
Tue@vivo. finally watched Kungfu Panda! Damn nice! Think will post the review as a separate entry. and naijiewmil is super broke after week 9.


长颈 said...


Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

哈哈 不是啦
Fire Warden 下个星期好像会有防火演习
而且哦 只有bola jaring才会有球员位置的标志啦~


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