Thursday, 1 May 2008

Time to reopen my organizer

My ntu organizer has been left on my table, coated with dust since the week before exam, after i crossed out the reminder for my last presentation for AB214 on the calendar. No more meetings, project whatsoever until, at least, end of exam (which is today!)

I don't know since when things that i used to be doing with passion now seem to be burden on my shoulders. Maybe it was right to say that never mix your interest with commitment. As in, once you are doing stuff that you like not because you want to, but rather, you need to, it will be quite nasty. Gah. Let's not talk about these stuff now.

With the end of today's killer paper (so to speak, the hardest one of ACS course),it marked the end of my year 2 in NBS, the end of my year 1 in ACS and the start of the so-called break before final year of uni. Time flies! Voila and it feels like i am being pushed out of my baby cradle. Now having the urge to grow up and learn, exponentially.

Was reading my old-old blogposts and realising how much i have changed. and how much stuff around me changed. The only constant thing in life is change. Wow. How scary. I do wish that there is something that stay constant, at least there is something familiar to hang on to. Giving me the "Hey you are still here" kinda feeling. When everything changes and the change of state is memoryless in nature. It scares me. (walao. this is how i apply Markov property 0.o)

Sometimes i don't like my "ability" to see stuff that others dont, to see stuff that (in my opinion) it should be done instead. I'm an extreme perfectionist. I can't bear mistakes that could have been avoided or those which were detected but not ractified. Ugh. Need to tone this down a lil bit. To prevent future injuries. That's why i dont like the "ability".

This post is with rather random ramblings. Just let me end with some little plan for my final year in uni.
1. Three more actuarial courses left. One core. Two electives. Life Contingencies, Actuarial Stats and Asset Valuation. which add up to a total of 7 actuarial courses = 28 Academic Unit(AU)s. approx 1/4 of the total.
2. One more business core course. Strategic management. Man. OB again?
3. Two prescribed electives: one from Arts and Social Science. another from Science and Tech. Probably Language Puzzle or Reading of Modern Chinese Lyrics, TCM or Forensic or any other that fits my timetable.
4. More language electives! Jap. Korean. Spanish. German. in preferential order.
5. double fyp and don't ask.

Totally random post and hope you are not as annoyed (by its randomness) as the blogger.

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