Monday, 12 May 2008

Klog Season 3 - Preload & some other stuff

Woohoo. am going to start my first day of PA in 2 hours time.
Man. though expected a lil bit sien-sation after talking to senior who went under the same program last year. still kinda looking forward to it.
Ironing sux. Ugh.
Will try to post a klog everyday, just like wad i used to do last time.

Program Code: 1539
Product Development: - Testing of benefit illustration systems. - Testing of system handling of new products prior to launch.
Actuarial Assumptions: - Assist in claim studies.
Financial Reporting: - Month end valuation and checking.
Reinsurance: - Reinsurance admin.

Hmm doesnt sound very interesting eh. :P
1539. Go buy 4D!

Ant Tea You harmoc intensive prac phase 1 has ended. Attendance was very encouraging! Hope it will maintain/get better as we get closer to the concert.

Went back to nj and played harmoc with j3,j4 and j5s! Almost lost my way there haha. Still. Feels good to see harmoc ppl once again. 天冷就回来~


Wu Zhen said...

hi! this is wuzhen. j3 harmoc =D the one who reads ur blog quite often last time. =P

Nai Jiew Mil said...

wu zhen>
hihi! haha welcome back lol!
u blog alot of harmoc stuff too!

MLT said...

i guess what I have been doing for the past 2 days and i think many more days to come is considered reinsurance admin... just sit in front of excel the whole day... a higher level of data entry.... im losing my patience liao... :(

Nai Jiew Mil said...

haha that's what we do here too! Excel excel. and some readings on product info. But good what can prac excel skill. we'll face in everyday next time too ~


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