Thursday, 22 May 2008

Klog S3.8 - Throw Away Your Mouse & Siensation

the insurance bible - Dictionary of Insurance Terms

MRT journey was crazy this morning. Almost like an oven packed with thousands of sardine, was sweating like dog! Then once i reach the office, it felt like the already-cooked sardine was then put into the fridge straight away. -..- Guess that explains the headache now.

Anyway talk about the siensation first. Shit the enthu-ness is diminishing. The only work that i have been assigned to do were to a) redo wad i did yesterday because somehow the files went missing `皿 b) scan sth into pdf. Gah. Mainly because my team was rather free today ba. The seniors were surfing net lo.

Still need to act busy even tho had nothing to do eh. So i took the insurance dictionary and started to fake reading it. 0.o Haha. But it's quite a useful book tho. Then, i also completed my logbook for the work that i have been assigned to and completed. And if u think that's all i did during my super long siensation period, chotto matte kudasai.

Hehe. To bring myself nearer to the godlike standard of excel-ing, i explored the keyboard shortcuts for msexcel. Muahaha. Yes throw away your mouse today! u dont need it at all to perform any of the commands/functions! Walao. I think to be able to use excel without mouse is so damn kool lah! Just to share a few, Ctrl+Shift+1 automatically format selected cell(s) to numbers with 2 decimal place & thousand seperator. Ctrl+Shift+7 outlines the selected cell(s) for you. Cool isnt it? Haha.

Oh. and the department had a meeting this afternoon for about 1hour+. And we interns were leftout, as usual. Haha. But good thing is, we had the whole office ourselves! Muahaha. "Had a good break huh?" One of the seniors asked, after coming back from the meeting haha. Of course, how can we waste time for snake eating and water blowing?

Tmr! it's gonna be small weekend! and i'll be more proactive to ask for work liao haha. tho they always reply "i dont have anything for you right now.."

PS. Sorry if the series of klog this time is a little boring haha. Just wanna record down wad i did and how i feel. will try not to include too many technical stuff hoho. and do look out for non-klog posts!


yitjun said...

gambate ya~~~
take care o

长颈 said...

PS的keyboard shortcuts

Nai Jiew Mil said...

am better now le (:

哈哈 要学要学 看起来超pro的说



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