Thursday, 22 May 2008

Klog S3.7 - Kena cheated & TB

香片. we have our interns tea time after lunch everyday haha.
Job start flowing in from 10am onwards.

did 3 different task today - from three different seniors: Senior J, Senior K, Senior Y. At one point of time today three of them asked me to do something for them, i was running around in the office, using two computers as if i'm some super important person in the department. Hoho. [the faster one to run some ultra mega 1GB txt file, slower one to update, edit, excel]

Anyway kena cheated. Perhaps i have the easily-deceived look but still. While i was doing work assigned by Senior Y and K concurrently, Senior J came and told me, "When you are done with this then let me know, i have something more interesting for you." As what i was doing for Senior Y was appending some txt to dbf while for Senior K was to check some online database claim record then update the status, so i was expecting a build-a-spreadsheet-from-scratch-or-sth-close-to-that task lah.

Turns out was to check the print-out version of the data entry stuff that i did on the first day. -..- Interesting eh.

Hmm. Oh had lunch today with other fellow interns in the company. Some of them have their own email acc and own extension line~ -..- 5 of us in my department only have temp folder and temp working table. Hoho. But good thing is we have our own office executive pantry. Muahaha. with 5 VPs of the company on our floor. Hmm is that a good or bad thing ar?

Oh and TB. as in Tera byte. The disk space of my department's shared disk. 0.99 TB. OMG. Never seen byte with prefix greater than Giga before. Haha. let's count how many 0 are there. 1 TB = 1 000 000 000 000 B 0.o

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