Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Klog S3.6 - Zuobo & Org Chart

I live on the 13th floor.

A totally zuobo day. As expected, since first week was filled with so many stuff, weeks thereafter will be relatively more sien. and today proved that the statement is correct..

Basically had no work to do from morning till 3pm. Time was killing me. Was checking my temp drive again and again yet didnt find anything new from the seniors. Continue reading the thick stack of notes given to us on the first day. and i almost finished it. -..- Now u can ask me about investment linked policy, par, non-par, term, endowment, offer price, bid price, health insurance etc etc.

And. Shifted to Senior M's desk(the previous occupant of my week1 desk, Senior S is back from her leave).Nomadic intern eh. Haha. next week gonna shift again~ A nice corner table which i can sleep while holding onto some notes without anyone else know about it. Hehe. But working without work is really sien. It was only until 3pm then i was asked to continue with UAT for two other system. Managed to do it much faster this time round. and detected errors/bugs of the third system. Woohoo. Feedbacked and tada end of UATs.

Of org chart. In our dept, the appointed actuary is the VP aka dept head. then there's the one who sits on his lap - the sec. Going down the hierarchy, we have Financial Reporting, Strategic Development and Product & Channel Development. In which i'm in Team B of P&C together with my teamleader,Ms F, Senior M, Senior J and Senior Z. A total of 24 full time plus 5 interns here. Hmm. i hope i'm not revealing any company confidential info here..

A better day tmr! Weather is damn hot!

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