Thursday, 15 May 2008

Klog S3.3 -Transformation & Truth or Dare (updated)

Yesterday's work ended like this.

Instead of going 'forward',let's rewind back to the morning

when we had our free breakfast given out by the senior management at the lift lobby. wow not much opportunity for them to serve you, u know!

The blowstick with my futile effort to mosaic it. Haha. I dont know what's considered as confidential info so ...

And what are the chances of you seeing a full auditorium of professional working staff whacking each other with blowstick as if they were kindergarten kids? :P

Let’s recap what happened in the third day of work. Need to complete this entry before losing it in the memory.

Morning. Reached office a little bit earlier than the previous days. And top company personnel were at the lift lobby giving out breakfast! Hoho but I couldn’t recognize any of them. Grabbed the fried bee hoon, packaged drink, and apple then went straight to level 13. The interns had it together before I went off to work on the previous claim study project. Gotta finish it by lunch! 9am interns were called to collect the company red polo at level 12. 10am passed back the unfinished work back to Senior M. Felt a little bit sad coz couldn’t finish what I’m supposed to do. Somemore forgot to save before it hanged while running a rather long vlookup function. Anyway, Senior M took it back, finished it in 1 hour time and went for his presentation to the VP.

Then basically that day was kinda finished lo. Went around and realized nothing for me to do le. So my team leader gave me some product info to read. Some internal thing for the financial services consultants. Read a lot about the insurance products, terms, returns, contract etc. Ugh hate readings coz it gives me sleepy bugs. But do get to learn a lot from that.

Then after lunch, was waiting for time to pass before all were called down to go to Suntec. Yeah~ taking shuttle to Suntec. Interns were in the last bus to go, Bus no. 15. -..- the security guard bluffed to us said all bus were leaving together.

The event at Suntec was interesting one la. Hundreds of people in red guided by little red flaggers into the convention centre. Heard a familiar voice and the MC turned out to be Flying Mr. Holland. The event was delayed abit and Mr. FD led everyone to do some hitting blowstick and there you guys see the hitting-like-kindergarten photo. Hehe.

And there was a quiz kinda thing with Man U jersey as the prize! Lol. Shld have taken part in it then ebay the jersey haha. But intern was seated quite far at the back la. So seems like no matter what will still lose one loh.

Speeches were given and then there were some performance. First one was super fake Truth or Dare game performed by Company ultra top management: President, CEO, COO, VPs (Actuarial Dept VP was one of them! Haha our dept is rather important huh). It was so obvious that the whole thing was rehearsed including the ordering fried kwayteow, extra chili without cockles in Hokkien part. Was really hilarious to see this kinda propaganda thing during a company event, even after attending so many of the alikes back in sec sch, jc and uni.
“So Mr. XXX, do you want ‘Truth’ or ‘Dare’?”
“Hmm.. I’m always a true person. So, ‘Truth’.”
“Ok. ‘Truth’. Tell everyone here what the TRUE reason is for YYYYYY to be one of the six company’s pillar for future growth and transformation.”

Second and third performance was musicals. Basically was to tell own employees how good we are, and at the same time how bad our competitors are. There were storyline about the future in year 2011. Company P and Company G. Insurance oscar. Super lame! (sorry had to use this JC term haha)

Event ended super on time at 1730 and then rushed back to Ant Tea You. Darn tired after harmoc.

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