Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Klog S3.2 - Expresso & Red Top

Morning was spent on doing the left-over job from Day1. The claim study on two reinsurance companies, analyse premiums, claims and the ratio. Managed to finish it before lunch as told. Create tables, copy values, sum, formulas, colouring. It was quite challenging for me coz the senior seems to be quite stressed over this piece of work and starting everything from scratch does give me some sort of satisfaction hehe. Went for lunch at laupasat and almost drown in the people mountain people sea -..-

Oh and before lunch, the whole department was told to go down one level to the lift lobby and dance! My tian, there was this lady who led the dance moves (clapping, walking, turning and singing "we are the champions"). imagine the boss doing it! After lunch, realised that we do have an executive pantry besides the water dispenser next to the washroom haha. We went to play make some coffee. got myself a single shot expresso due to the very not user friendly machine haha. but it smells really nice~

After lunch, slack for about 20minutes coz had to wait for info from another team to continue my work. As interns are baokaliao worker, was told to do some data entry for 200+ records. Tried to finish it off asap so that i can get to do something requires more braincells and was rather pleased with my speed haha. Hope didnt make any errors.

After data entry, got the info for claims and continued with my claim study. Rearrange tables, combine sheets, calculate figures then actually hentam solved a formula problem. Shiok. Hmm ended my day with abit more to touch up tmr before the senior go for his holidays. will have to rush in the morning liao.

speaking of tmr. it's gonna be a half day! Coz will have some company event of the lauching of new vision(?) coz the new CEO just set a new direction for the company for a transformation. (they actually use TRANSFORMER image in their briefing slides). Bad news is have to wear a red top for the event~ Man U and also company's colour. Just collected ChiSoc maincomm tee, it's the closest-to-red-and-yet-still-can-pass-the-company-dress-code polo that i have liao.

Crap this klog is getting sien. just too tired to think of any quirky writing style le. Kinda worn out after two days but still looking forward to tmr!


weishen said...


Nai Jiew Mil said...

哈哈 应该只有我的公司才有酱神经的东西
lol "唱"方面没有多少人有真正开口啦


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