Thursday, 10 April 2008

Les Nouilles Instantées

Nouilles au champignon
Ajouter le la les nouilles daus dans 450 d'eau ebullition et faire cuire pour 2 minutes. Ajouter en assaisonnement, remuer et servir.

KOKA has french on its label! actually spotted some spelling mistakes -..-"
No MSG added! but i bet they put extra salt in it. *Gulp Gulp* Has been quite long since the last time i ate instant noodles lo. Anyway kinda reminds me of Meeza - instant mee goreng with melted cheese on top - we used to do that back in HCIBS. Wah, shall do it again soon. :P""

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MLT said...

Is that huan2 bao3 wan3? If eat straight from pot can save detergent mar...

Talking abt melted cheese, I recalled a thing that i know how to cook leh.. In US I made egg sandwich with melted cheese for my roommate and a friend. They liked it super much lor... haha very proud le for me... but really i think it's not bad at all... just that maybe it doesn't qualify as a decent meal or dinner...

Jia you bar coursemate!! Aza!!!!!

Nai Jiew Mil said...

Coz it's tastier to eat from the bowl. anyway i use the same amt of detergent one [which means i usually use too much for bowl only keke]

haha mayb nex time u can prepare that for us ba. kiteflying picnic again?



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