Monday, 31 March 2008

( - 3-) =3 iiii

The title depicts an emoticon blowing candles, in case it's not obvious enough.
After the insincere celebration for HL, then the oscar-winning one for YY, last fri we had a celebration for CP joe which - strictly speaking - was more like a 3er gathering. Not all were present though! We missed SL and WH. Looking forward to holiday 3er trip[s] with full attendance, if there is any. Haha.

Anyway, this was the only quality photo that i have taken that evening.

Thai green curry baked rice - really has its unique taste [the curry] and i like!

Sticky Chewy Chocolate - wohoo really really satisfy my carve for shokolat.

PS. Flooble on this blog is dead officially. Lazy to register for another account for the moment.
PPS. It's the 13th post of the month! The highest total number of posts in a month since May 2007. In case you are interested to know.

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