Thursday, 28 February 2008

A Trip Downtown

This morning went downtown to Shenton Way! The feeling of dressed up in business attire walking down the road with other busy people was quite shiok :P

Sunny sunny. and it's blardy hot nowadays. Let's camp in library for the aircon soon.

Aviva Ltd@SGX ii. the place i went for attachment interview. The view from the 25th floor office coffee lounge is real cool. but too shy to take out my camera to take photo haha wait till i really got accepted to the company ba.

Golden Bridge! thought got some gold mine or wad. went up there and saw a row of old shops including food stalls, dryclean service shop, clock shop, stationery shop. haha

Went to laupasat for lunch. People mountain people sea. Wa work there can have nice lunch everyday!

Thunder tea! again. I once hated the taste of the tea but actually it's not bad. I call it the chinese bibimbap. haha

The thunder tea set meal comes with basil omelette, Hakka toufu. :D""

Heard about it before but didnt expect to witness this legendary seat-chopping method myself. Huhu.

Fingers crossed X(-.-)X
Now back to 213 project. 219 project. 216 quiz. 217 tut.


Anonymous said...


奈何小弟现在还没有着落,phase 1放弃了, 全世界的人都去interview,只剩小弟没有。

Shenton Way喔!祝福你顺利找到你要的工作哦!

看到Tanjong Pagar、Raffles Place、City Hall穿得很Smart的上班族,不禁觉得有点害怕,不知以后有没有工作,做得好不好等等顾虑都涌出来了,开始觉得未来很迷茫。

唉,我的未来是灰色的吗?现在就觉得灰色了。Business, 中学时即使念纯商,却不会想在大学时念商科。怎知,自己还是跑回这条路。哈哈,跟你的弃理从商完全不一样。




Wei Kang 小康 said...

bring me to laupasat to makan when i go back~~~~~~


Nai Jiew Mil said...

迷茫是大家都会有的啦 但是迫不及待想加入他们的心情也有少少吧
灰色吗 我的也半灰不黑的 其实弃理从商是一直以来自己表现不好的借口 过了大学这扇门大家都是一样的

haha sure no prob (: yaya they call it thunder tea here although the name of it does not even have 'thunder' in it. haha

yitjun said...


Nai Jiew Mil said...

我也在等好消息阿 哈哈
这几天就会知道是好还是坏消息了 ..


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