Thursday, 24 January 2008

MCQ Test Paper 1

1. This paper contains ONE(1) question.
2. Answer ALL questions.
3. The number of marks allocation is unknown.
4. Stake at risk: 10weeks PA life and most probably your future.

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Question - Choose TWO(2) companies to spend your last 10-week summer vacation in the history of your life and wait plus see if they want you :D
a)Actuarial Valuation
b)Credit Risk Management
d)Information Technology
e)Risk Measurement & Management (RMM)
f)Research work
g)Support services to QED
h)Claims liability estimation,valuation, portfolio performance and monitoring
i)Tactical Sourcing Works
j)Overseas attachment in Suzhou, China

Well not sure if i'm not supposed to disclose the choices that we have. It is sort of like a gambling game for me. Choose two and see if you can get one and you wont have another chance to resit Paper1.


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